Three Body Connect


We believe the investment industry is failing investors. This must change. Private market investment opportunities should be made accessible to professional investors all around the world.

3BC is an online platform that connects professional investors with investment opportunities in private markets.


Our Network

Our global network, built over decades of experience in financial markets, has given us access to investment opportunities in the world’s most interesting private companies. Now, we’re passing these on to our growing network of professional investors.

Professional investors have the knowledge and skills needed to make their own investment decisions. They want cost-efficient access to opportunities, rather than paying over the odds for so-called “advice”.

3BC offers this network access to deal flow in private markets, gathering into one place the information that professional investors need to make informed decisions.


Our Deals

3BC hosts a wide range of deals, including equity, pre-IPO equity, seed, real estate and collectables.

For too long, the best investment opportunities have been snapped up by a small community of connected individuals and Private Equity/Venture Capital funds, and subsequently passed on to the broader market after multiple rounds of intermediation - and fees.

We are giving our network of investors access to these high quality deals. Every deal hosted on 3BC needs to pass our unique 10 point Deal Checklist. If it does, it is distributed to our network of investors.