Our philosophy


A new approach to research

We partner with local experts across markets to provide unparalleled insights into conditions on the ground.

By leveraging relationships built with domestic institutions in emerging markets over the past decade, we bring unique insights and opportunities to our clients.


Thematic research

Big-picture thematic white papers elaborate our views on how the key themes we have identified are evolving over time.

These white papers are aimed both at enriching our investors' knowledge and providing actionable insights applicable to their personal and business circumstances.


Our weekly briefing

Given the breadth of learning resources available online, our job is to curate the best, most valuable reads of the week for our clients to keep abreast of ongoing change in the world.

A weekly email digest of the most interesting reads for the week helps our clients stay ahead of the curve.


Podcasts & videos

Our network is diverse. So is our content. It includes anything from a chat over coffee with an AI expert to a video interview with a CEO focused on transformation.

Podcasts and videos offer clients an insider’s perspective on our research process, sharing the insights of domain experts globally.